Sunday, 26 November 2017


Following up on the successful Cardboard Challenge from last year at Reston School, the elementary teachers decided to gather up all the building materials in each of our individual classrooms and bring them to the gym for an hour of cross age “making”. 

 When you think about the word “make” you can also think of many synonyms: create, assemble, achieve, invent, generate, produce, craft, build or construct.  That is exactly what happens in a Makerspace. It is an environment where one is only limited by one’s imagination. It mixes all aspects of one of the new educational buzzwords “STEM”–Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  

Goals we had for the afternoon included: 
  • To encourage cross age cooperative skills  
  • To gather the materials available in the school and expose the students to them  
  • To encourage students to sustain at one material for a length of time 
  • To be creative, take risks, try something new 
  • To perhaps record your creation using the Ipads/cameras but nothing will be “saved” 

  • We feel our Makerspace was a successful event and are already beginning to plan for the next step.  February 7, 2018 has been named Global School Play Day  and we think that will be a great time to continue to Makerspace movement!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Who's That Baby?

As part of our Science unit of how Animals Grow and Change, students were asked to bring in a baby picture of themselves to see if we could figure out who it was.  We decided some faces have changed much more than others and boys and girls look very much like each other when they are babies!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Park Poppies Project

This week, the Grade 2 class worked with the Grade 12's on a special project.  We worked together to make poppies from red and black craft foam and write the names on them of some of the many Reston area people who served in the two world wars. 

The cenotaph at the park has many names carved in it of those who died (see link here) and our poppies will serve to honour those who fought but returned.  We talked about how that must have felt for them and their families and how some chose not to ever talk about it.

The poppies were then hot glued to sticks.  After a fresh morning walk to the park, the classes of 2018 and 2028 were able to "plant" our poppies around the cenotaph with the help of Mrs. Bonnie Guthrie and Mrs. Marilee Smeltz.

On our way back to school, we stopped in at the Reston Memorial Theatre to have a look at the displays on the wall.  So many names and we found many of our own surnames among them. Reston School's Remembrance Day Service, led by our Grade 12 friends, will take place this year on Friday, November 10th at 2:00 in the school gym.    

We will remember them.