Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Class Trip to Souris

On Tuesday June 19, we went on a class trip to Souris!

Our first stop was the Rock Shop.  Frank told us about many different rocks that we might find in the Rock Pit.  He said to look for patterns, shapes and colours. Mostly we were looking for agates (you can see light through them) and jaspers (look for ketchup, relish and mustard colours).  In the Rock Shop, there were lots of cool rocks and glow in the dark rocks in a blue box. 

Next, we rode the bus out to the Rock Pit where we crossed a little  dirt and rock bridge to begin exploring! Frank came along to tell us what we'd found.  He also made sure we were safe. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A Day in Reston

On Wednesday June 13 the Grade Two class took in some of Reston’s best places to visit! 

After a picnic lunch and a play in the park, Dana Ross gave a wonderful tour of the museum and annex. After reading Little House in the Big Woods, this helps them imagine Laura's life much better.

Next was a quick stop for a treat at Ms Simms’ house.  Then the Reston District Library's Nancys shared a story and introduced the boys and girls to their summer reading program.  They helped students find some of their favourite books and authors. 

One last play at the uptown playground and it was time to head back. What a fun afternoon! 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Cornbread and Butter

We have been reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder book - Little House in the Big Woods, and decided to try our hand at some pioneer recipes.  Cornmeal and cornbread was a new food to most of the Grade 2's so we worked together to make 2 batches of it. 


We decided to try to make butter to go with the cornbread but unfortunately, the store only had 18% Coffee Cream and not the 32% whipping cream that we needed.  We gave it a valiant effort, shaking jars of cream for over 20 minutes with no sign of butter forming! 

Oh well, the cornbread was tasty and we will try our hand at butter making again.  The chapter in the book that we just finished described cheese making.  Ask your child if they remember the special ingredient that Ma needed to make cheese! I assured them that we wouldn't be doing that.

With extra skim milk and coffee cream, the students were able to taste and compare them.  Keep following our blog for more updates!