Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Photo Booths

Our teacher was walking to school one day and she saw a pile of boxes out behind the rink.  They had bought some new chairs and the boxes must be great for something, but what?  Then it hit her - photo booths!

 The first step was brainstorming with our table groups, what could we have the people doing?  Since it was almost summer, there were lots of great ideas like playing outside, sitting on the beach, and playing sports.
 Sketching out the idea was next.  Most of us had done big people Art before by tracing ourselves on long rolls of paper but this was a new experience - to draw this big!
 Deciding on paint colours was next and trying to paint the whole box.  Including the background scene was important too so it looked real.
 The liquid paint worked great for this project.  Kids were pretty careful and cleaned up their own messes!
 We put them out in the hallway and so many kids stopped to admire them!
The last step was when our teacher used a knife to cut out the oval for the face and a door to get in.  We are so proud that we have permission to put our photo boxes at the Reston Park this Sunday for the Family Fun Day!  We hope you will be there and have your photo taken in one of our boxes!


  1. What a great idea. They look awesome!!! I'm sure everyone will have lots of fun taking their pictures in them on Sunday.

  2. awesome work (Kiera's Mom)