Thursday, 4 June 2015

Teach Your Monster to Read

This morning was one the Grade 2 and 3 class have been waiting for!  Today was the release of a third game in the very popular "Teach Your Monster to Read" website.  A previous blog post about it can be found here. 

This third game takes what the kids have learned about phonics and letter sounds in the first two levels and applies them to sentences and more complex words.  The website remains free and the students have their user name and password in the front of their agenda to be able to use the site at home as well as at school.

Some comments from the kids in Grade 2 and 3:
  • You have to fight a goblin in this level.
  • At the end, you find a spell book.  You need to get there without him hearing you.
  • You go to different planets.
  • You can customize your character if you want.
  • There's a Queen Jessica who tells you the question.  She also tells you whether to go up, down, right or left. You have to follow her directions so it helps you learn left and right. 
  • You get onto a spot and there is "Trickies" which are words like "their" and "oh". 
  • I love this website!  Maybe there will be a level four where you need to read a story and then say what happened in the story. (That was actually our teacher's comment!)
We hope you try out the website and teach your own monster to read!

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  1. Thank you so much for writing a review of Teach Your Monster to Read on your class blog. We love the comments from the kids. We've shared the post on Facebook and Twitter. Keep sending us updates and we hope your monsters enjoy learning to read. - Dannie, Teach Your Monster to Read