Thursday, 15 May 2014


 Who doesn't love a good mystery?  We are reading mysteries in Grade 2 and 3 currently.  Most of these students have fluent reading skills but many of them struggle to understand what they read.  This takes practice and when the reading is not yet fluent, that is more difficult to do.  The mystery genre gives a chance to work on not only saying the words they see, but thinking about the details as they read.  Looking for clues and judging the suspects is a fun and engaging way to work on comprehension skills.

Students were placed into 4 groups and they had a chance to choose their own group name.  Then they were given a copy of the same Cam Jansen  novel to read together in a Guided Reading Group.  My Grade 11 helper, Meghan and I take groups in turn to read together and discuss what is happening in the story.  Students are asked not to read ahead but to stay with the group so that everyone can make predictions together.

We are also still working on our cursive writing and have been learning some of the particular vocabulary words that go with the genre.  These two goals are combined in daily discussion and cursive practice for about 15 minutes.

I have been also reading some Dr. Quicksolve mini mysteries aloud to work on listening comprehension. You can find similar online activities here and here

There are several great mystery series at a beginning chpater book reading level that I encourage the students to be reading on their own.  Check out the links below for

and to those of my generation Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys!  Parents may want to find some of these series for summer reading.  Check out the local library.   They have a great selection of books for beginning chapter book readers!

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  1. Mysteries were always my favourite thing to read in school! Looks like you all have been having fun! :)