Thursday, 9 April 2015

New and Exciting Seating Arrangement!

After Spring Break, the students were excited to step through the Room 21 door to see the changes to the room that we had discussed previously.  Rather than having name tags on the table and assigned seats, students were free to choose the best spot for them to work and were welcome to move as the day went on for different activities.  "Choosing the best spot for you" is difficult for some children but it is important to know where and who they can work well with.  I am a strong believer in self regulation and often use the phrase "It's not my job to keep you working, that's yours".

We have 3 tables that stayed at the same height as before and they work with the Zuma Rockers and the Hokki Stool as well as our primary chairs.  Two of the tables were raised so they work with the adult chairs and one table was raised to the top to be a standing table.  We had read about standing desks in a Grade One class in Delisle, Saskatchewan and wanted to try it out.

After four days in this classroom, we wanted to share the pros and cons of what we are finding.
Pros (Good things we've noticed about the room arrangement)
  • you can sit by your friends
  • you can get your work done
  • you can choose where you sit to work
  • there's more space to walk around in the class room
  • if there's a table spot that you don't want or don't like, you can move
  • tall kids don't have their legs squished under the tables
  • you can switch during the day
  • we can share the Zuma rockers and Hokki stool more
Cons (Things that don't work so well as compared to the old way)
  • standing table can make your legs and feet sore
  • the standing table squeaks and if someone is trying to read or concentrate, it's annoying
  • your feet can fall asleep if you sit on an adult chair and your feet don't touch the ground
  • tall people might have to sit at small tables if there's no room left at the bigger ones
  • you can lose your spot if you go for a drink of water or something and end up at a table where you get distracted easily
  • kids rushing in from recess or waiting outside the door to get in first
  • losing your things - (pencils, erasers, water bottles) because you are at different spots
If you are a Room 21 parent, please take a few minutes to chat with your child about what they are finding and send me an email or comment below.

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