Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Class Field Trip

Here are a few photos from our class field trip.  We started the day boarding the bus with Ms. Zarn driving us.  Miss Simpson and Mrs. Boulton came along as well to help supervise.  Our first stop was the Discovery Center in Brandon.  They are still rebuilding their facilities after the flood in 2011 but our guide Whitney had lots to tell and show us about nature.  She showed us a turtle shell and a snake skin.  We learned that snakes have larger scales on their bellies as compared to on their back so they are able to slide.

Our next stop was to McDonald's on number one highway for lunch.  All the students did a great job of ordering and paying for their own meals.  The staff there was very helpful and accommodating and everyone enjoyed a little play on the indoor structure before we had to carry on.  

Our short bus ride took us out in the country east of Brandon to the Westman Reptile Gardens.  Candy and Mike were great hosts and although we found the building hot and smelly, we learned a lot and the pictures below show some of their many reptiles and amphibians.

 It was a great day!

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