Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Apple Science Results

If you read the earlier post here about our Apple Science Experiments, below are the "after 11 days" pictures.
 The peeled apple on the left shrunk, shriveled, dried up, wrinkled and now looks like a toasted marshmallow.  The other looks the same as when it was hung up,
 The apple with 4 holes has wrinkled and shriveled around the holes but for the most part, looks the same as the one without holes on the right.
The apple we weighed and measured daily started at 133 grams and is now down to 34.  Its circumference was 24 centimeters and has shrunk down to 15.  We will keep watching it to see how small it will get!
My goal was to get students interested in the Science Inquiry Process - take a question you have an design an experiment to find out the answer.  I hope it encourages some experimentation at home too!

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