Friday, 24 March 2017

Science Design Project

The Grade Twos have been learning about Position and Motion as part of the Grade 2 Science curriculum.    They had doing some experiments to find out about friction, incline planes and wheel & axles.  As a final design project, they were given the challenge to create a vehicle with wheels and axles that could roll down a ramp.  It needed to have a place for a driver and cargo.  You can read their task below and see the criteria checklist in the second picture.  Materials were gathered and the students went to work!  
Woody was the able driver assigned to the challenge and Pikachu was the cargo!  
  After lots of practise and trial and error, it was time to show off the vehicles and test to see if they met the criteria.  
Following the Cardboard Challenge, the students had already practise in planning and then adapting the plan as needed.  It was a successful project and hopefully inspired the budding designers in the class!

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