Sunday, 26 November 2017


Following up on the successful Cardboard Challenge from last year at Reston School, the elementary teachers decided to gather up all the building materials in each of our individual classrooms and bring them to the gym for an hour of cross age “making”. 

 When you think about the word “make” you can also think of many synonyms: create, assemble, achieve, invent, generate, produce, craft, build or construct.  That is exactly what happens in a Makerspace. It is an environment where one is only limited by one’s imagination. It mixes all aspects of one of the new educational buzzwords “STEM”–Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  

Goals we had for the afternoon included: 
  • To encourage cross age cooperative skills  
  • To gather the materials available in the school and expose the students to them  
  • To encourage students to sustain at one material for a length of time 
  • To be creative, take risks, try something new 
  • To perhaps record your creation using the Ipads/cameras but nothing will be “saved” 

  • We feel our Makerspace was a successful event and are already beginning to plan for the next step.  February 7, 2018 has been named Global School Play Day  and we think that will be a great time to continue to Makerspace movement!

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