Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Soapstone Carving with Dave Zachary

Grade Two students were treated to two half day sessions with Artist Dave Zachary who taught us about soapstone carving and let us use tools to create pieces of our own. 

Dust masks were required to prevent breathing in the fine dust created as we worked.  We used hacksaws, files and hand drills to shape the stone and then sanded it in water to bring out the colours.  Oiling it to keep it shiny was the final step.  

You can watch a video here of Dave demonstrating a bigger project. 

We are very proud of the finished Artwork and would like to thank Mrs. Greig for arranging the visit and Manitoba Arts Council for their sponsorship of the program. 

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  1. The grade 5 class are excited to try this too! You can be very proud of your projects grade two. Thanks for sharing the process that you went through! It looks like you had lots of fun!