Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Class Trip to Souris

On Tuesday June 19, we went on a class trip to Souris!

Our first stop was the Rock Shop.  Frank told us about many different rocks that we might find in the Rock Pit.  He said to look for patterns, shapes and colours. Mostly we were looking for agates (you can see light through them) and jaspers (look for ketchup, relish and mustard colours).  In the Rock Shop, there were lots of cool rocks and glow in the dark rocks in a blue box. 

Next, we rode the bus out to the Rock Pit where we crossed a little  dirt and rock bridge to begin exploring! Frank came along to tell us what we'd found.  He also made sure we were safe. 

We went to Subway after the Rock Pit.  Our teacher had ordered it online and we paid $10 so all we had to do was pick it and eat!  We could choose a drink, a cookie, chips and what kind of sub.  Another customer gave the Grade 2 class a compliment about how quiet and well behaved they were in the restaurant.  The teacher was so proud of the kids!!

After our lunch we went on the Swinging Bridge and then the Hillcrest Museum.  It looks like a castle on the outside!  One room upstairs was full of dead butterflies and other insects in frames on the wall from all over the world.

Downstairs was an olden day kitchen but some things were the same as we have now.  

Next we went into a caboose and got to sit up in the lookout part.  
The day ended with a stop at The Dairy Bar for a treat!  

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