Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Have you heard about the new website we have been using called Storybird?  We use it during Daily Five time, our part of the day where we work on Reading and Writing.  We use this website during the "Work on Writing" part of the Daily Five.

Storybird lets you use their pictures to write a story that goes with it.  The red wavy underline under a word will tell you that you have made a spelling mistake and it will give you some choices of how it should be spelled instead.  You still need to read over your work carefully though because it won't tell you if you are missing words or punctuation or it won't be any help with homonym mistakes or names.
Everyone has their own account on Storybird but they can also see stories created by their classmates.  There is a way to see stories from other people as well but we haven't used that part of the site yet.
Once the spelling and other errors are fixed, we will publish our work on the site.  We hope you will try Storybird too!

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