Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Numbers

We have just started a new Math website called Happy Numbers.  Ms. Simms noticed that teachers on Twitter were talking about the free website that works on number skills and she set up accounts for all of us.

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One of our favourite games is Mini Bomb.  There are different levels of difficulty in this game but students need to answer the Math fact questions before the bomb explodes.  It challenges us to work quickly and use strategies and memories rather than counting to find the answers.

Another game is Buy Yourself a Toy where we are given a "wallet" of coins and we need to count them up to find which toy we have enough money to buy.  We have quickly learned that it is easier to start with the largest coin first when we count.

Our teacher thinks that the best part about this website is the way students can work through the standard Math algorithms and receive instant feedback of whether their answer is right or wrong.  Most computer practice doesn't have any place to carry the one as is shown in the picture above.  Ms. Simms overheard one student making an exciting discovery using Happy Numbers - "You can carry a two sometimes too!"
Here is another review by a teacher of the Happy Numbers website.  Our user names and passwords are glued into the front of our agenda.  We hope you will try it soon!

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