Sunday, 16 November 2014

Report Card Time

First term is now complete and students will take their report cards home on Monday, November 17.  This is our third year using the Manitoba Provincial Report Card and I hope parents feel informed about their child's progress after reading them.

My students also use Portfolio binders to show their work to their families every month.  We include pieces from daily work that show best work as well as some that show something we were learning.  Assessments like Spelling tests and Math Fact checkups are also included.  This past month, students were asked to set goals for themselves with their parents' help.  Specific goals like : to get faster with my doubles facts in Math, to read for 10 minutes every night and to write a full page in my T.W.A.S. journal every week were great ideas that some members of the class had.  We will revisit these goals periodically to see if they have met them and are needing a new challenge or if they need help to meet their goal.

The Grade Three students will also find their Manitoba Grade Three Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy in with their report.  More information about this Assessment can be found here.

I look forward to meeting with all parents on Wednesday, November 19 at the appointment times that you will find in the report envelopes.  Please be sure to read over the report and make a list of any questions or concerns that you or your child may have before our conference.

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