Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Fiftieth Day of School!

Wow!  Can you believe that today (November 20) was the fiftieth day of school this year?  To celebrate the occasion, Room 21 participated in a number of activities all day around the theme of "50".
Using a stamp pad and stamps, students thought about all the ways to make 50 cents with coins.
Students created necklaces with 50 Froot Loops in a pattern.  Later, they got to learn about subtraction first hand - by eating  them!

On this sheet, students had to imagine their life when they are 50 years old - in the years 2056 or 2057! 

This writing activity had the kids think about what they would like 50 of and if that would cause any problems!

They also were challenged to make a list of 50 food, people they knew, 3 letter words, or animals.  This had them work on thinking in categories to help with their list.  For food, they could name breakfast foods, then fruits, then green food to help them come up with a complete list.  They found that 50 takes a lot of thinking!

Other paper activities had them working with a 50 chart to see patterns and number sequence.

And finally, our new Smartboard was one station where the kids could try out the new pens and new way to erase.  Ask your child about it!
I hope that the day halfway to Hundred Day was a day of fun and learning in the Grade Two-Three class!


  1. Kolten b.hunt boissevain school9:48 am, November 28, 2014

    Can your kids make posts.

    1. No, right now only the teacher can make posts. Kid Blogs are a great idea and I think that will be my next step!