Monday, 8 December 2014


In the fall, our class received an email from Lindsey Gullett with the chance to name the mascot for the Virden Oil Caps Hockey team and thought we'd give it a try.  First we brainstormed for ideas and filled a whole chart paper with everything we could think of.  Then we took a day to think about it and each wrote our choice on a secret ballot.  When they were counted up, Digger was the most popular choice so we submitted that as our entry.

We had forget on all about the contest when on December 1st, we got an email from Lindsey, marketing manager for the team to say our name had been chosen!  We were invited to the game on Saturday, December 6 and we're going to meet Digger and have pizza too! 

It was also Teddy Bear Toss night so when the Oil Caps scored their first goal, stuffed animals of all colour and sizes went flying onto the ice to be donated to charities for Christmas hampers.

Not everyone was able to attend but we look forward to having Digger come to our school someday for a visit.

Great teamwork, Grade 2-3 class!

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