Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Contractions in Spelling

As I look through the students' journals, I look for spelling patterns to focus our daily Language Art lesson on.  I noticed that many students were misspelling contractions and decided that would be our next spelling topic.

We found many examples of contractions in the books we were reading and then tried to figure out what they meant.  We soon decided a contraction is made when 2 small words are combined and an apostrophe takes the place of some of the letters.  This is an important thing to remember when spelling.  The word can not be "would'nt" when the o is missing.  It must be "wouldn't".

Our Literacy Centers have included practice on contractions in the last week.  We play a game called Fiddle Sticks to work on the correct spelling of contractions.
  We also practice matching the contraction with the two words it is made from.  Here are some links to online games to practice at home.

Upcoming spelling topics include possessives (cat's) and homonyms (sale/sail). 

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