Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Goals in Grade Two and Three

It is important to set goals for ourselves and with Report Card time coming up, we need a chance to look back at the classroom goals that we set to see how we are doing with them.

Students in this class keep a Portfolio Binder with 3 or 4 samples of work collected each month.  Parents have a big role as well in looking at the work and commenting on what they see.  Our February portfolio choices included 3 goals for each child.  Parents were given an opportunity to comment on the goals and find ways to help at home.

Goals are important in all areas of our school life, even recess.  Our snow has been melting quickly and you know what that means - puddles!  We have the sign below posted on our door and our goal is 10 recesses in a row.  Wish us luck!

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