Sunday, 18 October 2015

Is It a Solid or a Liquid?

As part of our study of Matter in Science, we have been talking about the way to decide if an object is a solid or a liquid and on Friday we had a real challenge!

Each student has a big spoonful of cornstarch in a container and then added water, a bit at a time.  They stirred the mixture with a Popsicle stick until it was just the right mix between a liquid and a solid.  They were able to gather it up in their hands like a blob of play-dough like a solid but when they held it flat in their palm, it ran between their fingers like a liquid.

Steve Spangler has some amazing Science trick for kids and this one is covered too here.  We even found a video online where the mixture was made so you could walk across it or sink in it if you stayed still.  You can link to that one here.

What a fun way to think about Matter!

Students were cautioned - if they try it at home to dispose of it in the garbage and don't pour it down the sink!  Having a table or counter covered in newspapers helps contain the mess too!

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