Monday, 5 October 2015

O Canada

As part of our study of Canada, the Grade Twos have been busy learning the words to O Canada.  As a song they have heard countless times and sung along with every morning at school, some were amazed to discover the real words to the anthem !

We are also learning about the symbols of Canada like the beaver and our national flag. Our agendas have a map of Canada on the back of them and we use them to get familiar with the names of the provinces and territories and where they are.

Mastery or memorization of the 10 provinces and 3 territories is not expected at this grade level but the students seem to enjoy the challenge of trying to remember where each is and what they have heard about them.

Students came back on Monday morning to find new table spots and Canadian flags taped to their pencils.  It is exciting as a teacher to watch their knowledge grow and we use the topic  to work on our Reading and Writing skills.  Their pride in our country is wonderful to see!

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