Monday, 23 October 2017

Pumpkin Art Project

The first step in our project was to use yellow, red and orange paint to paint the pumpkin shape on orange construction paper.  It was interesting to watch the colours mixing and easy since the sides would be cut off anyway, there was no need to stay within the lines.

The next step (which I forgot to take pictures of) was using black and white paper to create a variety of facial features.  Doubling the paper to make 2 matching pieces was a valuable skill to have here.  Giving the students an opportunity to stop and walk around to view their classmates' projects is helpful to spur on new ideas.

The completed pumpkins were put on the hallway wall right above the Grade 2 lockers.  The dark blue wall with the orange pumpkins is a pleasant colour combination - a fact pointed out to me by an observant student!

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