Thursday, 20 February 2014

100 Day

Wednesday, February 19 was the 100th day of the 2013-2014 school year.  We keep track of the days on our Smartboard calendar and have been talking about this day all year.  For example, on the 64th day of school, we would think that 6 more is 70 and then 30 more is 100 so we were 36 days away.  Here is a website where you can practice making complimentary numbers.  Our friends in Grade 1-2 brought in collections of 100 items to mark the day and some of us did too.
We played a game called "One Hundred, or Not?"  We had to count out a collection of objects and put them in a bag or container.  We each took turns asking the class if they thought our collection had 100, or not.  If someone thought there was 100, they clapped and otherwise they didn't.  We got really good at estimating amounts after a while.  It was much easier when we had a referent, something to look at that you know how many it has.  Here is a website where you can practice estimation. 

We have been working on cursive writing since Christmas so our teacher challenged us to write 100 words in cursive.  It was time to go to gym so we will have to continue the challenge tomorrow!  We found out that 100 words is a lot of writing.  It sure speeds things up when you choose short words or just add an "s" though!  How long would it take you to write 100 words?

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