Thursday, 20 February 2014

Teach Your Monster to Read

We have monsters in our room.  We are teaching them how to read!  

Actually, our teacher found a great website that was suggested by another teacher that she follows on Twitter.  It is called Teach Your Monster to Read. She was able to set up free accounts for each one of us.  First we had to build our monster and then we start exploring the islands.

This is a picture of someone's computer screen who is playing the game.  Their monster is in the middle and the voice on the headphones might say to drag all the sheep to the word "air".  Then the student would have to use  the mouse to move the sheep in a group.

You can keep going through all the islands (because there are 9 islands) and it gets harder the more that you get right. You get prizes for your monster like clothes, food, underwear or a treasure box!  The website is free.  It was created by the Usborne Book Company to help kids learn to read and have fun doing it!  We hope you will teach your monster to read too!

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