Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Barbara Reid Plasticene Art

The art of Barbara Reid in books like The New Baby Calf, Picture a Tree, and the Subway Mouse have always been some of our teacher's favourites.  She challenged us to use Plasticine to create pictures of a garden scene for fit with our Science units on Soil and Plants. 
The first step was to soften up some brown and blue Plasticine and smear it over a bakery tray to be the sky and the soil. You need to use your thumb and spread it out really well as a base.

The next step was using examples from Barbara Reid's books to plan a sketch of how it will look.

Some of us changed our plan as we went along but Barbara Reid says she does that sometimes too.  We watched the videos on her website a few times and practiced the techniques and then we were off!

We were so proud of the results!
They turned out so great that we even displayed some of them in the Reston Art Show on the weekend!

Each one was unique but showed that we learned a new medium and techniques.

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