Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Summer Slide!

Today Ms. Simms was telling us about the Summer Slide that teachers talk about.  We thought it was
  •  a mountain? a hill?  a roller coaster? a waterslide?
We had no idea what she was talking about!
Then she told us that is really means when kids forget things they learned at school this year over the summer.
Use this link for more information about Summer Slide. 

After all our hard work in Grade 2 and 3 this year, we really don't want to Summer Slide too much!    We thought of a huge list of ideas to keep this from happening.  But don't forget - everyone needs some time to relax, including our teacher!
  • go on the internet and go to Mathletics, Happy Numbers, Teach Your Monster to Read, ABC YA, Raz-KidsStorybird, Storyline Online, Sand Castle Spelling, and lots more learning websites
  • read a book -go to the library, look in your room, trade with a friend, shop yard sales
  • practice math facts - flashcards, calculator, card games, dice games, board games
  • writing - practice cursive, write and illustrate a book,write a diary, use up old scribblers
  • art - drawing, colouring, plasticine or playdough, sidewalk chalk
  • science - experiments with ice cubes, plants, balloons, build structures
  • social studies - research a special place, read maps
  • gym - bike, play tag, swim, mini sticks, skip, soccer, catch, run, exercises, trampoline, swing, baseball, football, volleyball, basketball,treadmill, dance , just dance
  • music - karaoke, play instrument, sing, 
  • french - read the cereal box, read the French captions on DVD
  • agendas - French, trouble words, internet passwords, shapes, math facts
  • There are lots more ideas on the internet!  Try Pinterest or a Google Search.
Don't let Summer Slide happen to you!  See you in September!

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