Thursday, 26 June 2014

Showing Our Appreciation

The last days of school are a fitting time to show our appreciation to a number of people that contribute to our school.  We chose five special recipients and made posters of some appropriate quotes.  The fun part was using a straw to blow drops of thin paint across the posters.  We think they turned out great!

Candy Wanless was instrumental for the last 6 years to get our playground created from bare dirt.  She, along with a dedicated committee, organized fundraisers, planned which equipment to buy, and installed it.

Manitoba Hydro recently gave a grant to Reston School to purchase 40 mature trees for our playground.  We plan to keep track of their growth and hope they quickly give shade and shelter from the wind at our school.  Mrs. MacKenzie helped get the grant and she will make sure they get the poster.

West Souris River Conservation District looked after securing the Hydro Grants for us and then they (Dean, Tim and Amber) delivered the trees here and planted them.  Staff will take turns watering them in the summer.

Murray and Keri Vinck donated a row of willow trees and dug them in north of the playground a couple of years ago.  Several had to be replaced but we hope this time they will thrive.

Lastly, we want to thank our principal, Mr. Lochhead and wish him a terrific retirement.  We hope to see him around town and maybe he'll even come back for a visit!

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  1. Thanks to Ms.Simms for her dedication to the playground and all the work she has done for it. We will have fun watching these trees grow along with the students who were here when they were planted.