Tuesday, 17 February 2015

One Hundred Day!

Tuesday, February 17 was the 100th Day of the school year for us.  We took the opportunity to celebrate and find out just how big 100 of something really is.  It was a good chance to practice making number compliments to 100.  If I am done writing 58 words, how many more until 100?  Kids usually want to say 52 but the regrouping concept is beginning to be more developed and they realize it is only 42.
 We started the morning by working together to read 100 books!  At first, it seemed like we could never do that but before we knew it, we were done!  We wrote a list of 100 words, using word families to help (cat, rat, sat, hat...).  We brainstormed together for some of the many things that we have learned over the last 100 days.  It was a long list and we looked at past blog posts to remind us about some things we had totally forgotten about.
 On "50 Day", we thought about what it will be like to be 50 years old so we did the same today for 100 years old in 2106 and 2107!
 Some students chose to rearrange the letters of "one hundred" to make new words and others chose activities to do with number sense and skip counting.

 Our calendar activities today included the usual skip counting practice on the Smartboard.
 Today's number work on this Smart notebook slide was easy!  That was where we have been working on compliment numbers to 100.

 What better way to celebrate than with a 100 snack!  We had to count groups of ten and add them to a bag.  We were running short of jelly beans so we took 5 of them and then made up for it with 15 Ritz Bits crackers.
It was surprising that 100 things to eat looked so small.  It sure was tasty though!  Happy 100 Day!

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