Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Pink Shirt Day!

February 25th is Pink Shirt Day and along with making it easy to choose what to wear, it gives us an opportunity to discuss "bullying".  This word seems to be used more all the time but it doesn't always apply.  One time acts of being rude, mean or physically hurtful are not considered bullying but are dealt with as misbehavior.  When you voice your concern and the behavior continues, then it can become an instance of bullying.

This video explains to origins of Pink Shirt Day:

You may have seen this public service commercial on TV:

This video and song "Don't Laugh at Me" is a favourite one of mine with a message kids can relate to:

If there is something happening that you'd like to stop, the first step is to assertively tell the person that you don't like it and they need to stop.  If it continues, your job now is to get help from an adult.  Saying or doing something back often gets you in trouble and doesn't solve the problem.  It will never be a perfect world but we do what we can to help everyone feel included and valued.

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