Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Making Bread

After we made butter yesterday, there was lots left but we needed something to have it on.  Ms. Simms brought her bread machine from home so it was not at all like Pioneer Times but we made bread!  Some kids in our class have seen their Grandmas or other people make bread from scratch and know that it has a lot of steps to making it and you need to knead it.
 The machine takes care of all the steps to making bread and it takes 3 hours.  We started it at 9:00 and by noon we had fresh hot bread for the butter.

 Even if the butter looked like scrambled eggs, it tasted great.  It was a bit hard to spread too.  Our mouths were watering with the wonderful smell of the bread and the butter melted right into it.  Are we making you hungry?

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