Monday, 25 May 2015

Making Butter

This morning we decided to try making butter in school after reading about Laura and her family in the book Little House in the Big Woods

We used whipping cream from the store and poured it into a jar. 
 Then after carefully putting on the lid, we took turns shaking the jar.  At first we could hear the liquid cream sloshing in the jar. 
 When we couldn't hear the liquid anymore, we opened the jar and saw that the liquid had become fluffy, like whipped cream.  This wasn't butter yet so the lid went back on and we shook it some more.
 Then we could faintly hear sloshing again and when we opened the jar, there was a solid-type lump in the almost clear liquid.  This was the butter in the buttermilk.
 After even more shaking, it became a more solid lump and it was done!  We were a little surprised that it was white but then remembered that in the book, Ma had grated carrot and mixed it with hers to get the yellow colour we are used to.
 Next we poured off the buttermilk and rinsed the butter with water.  A bit of salt was added and stirred into the butter.
Next came the taste test on crackers.  We all thought it was delicious!

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