Friday, 14 March 2014

Daily Edits in Grade Two and Three

This week we started a new routine in our Literacy Time.  We call it the Daily Edit.  I write a message on flipchart paper full of as many errors as I can.
Students use small notebooks to copy the sentences and correct the errors.  Then we go through it as a group and discuss how they knew it was wrong and what would be right instead.
This example needed capitals on names and spelling errors corrected.  There was a run-on sentence as well and two options were given.  Students might have chosen to use a period and start a new sentence but the idea of connector words for short sentences was discussed as well.

Today the Daily Edit was projected onto the Smartboard instead.  Besides saving paper, doing it this way makes it bigger font and easier to read.  The next activity was writing in the T.W.A.S. (This Week At School) journals so this helped gather ideas for writing.  I was able to break my "all time high score" and made 20 errors this time.  Can you find them all?

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