Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Haiku Deck

We have begun using an app on our IPads called Haiku Deck.  It is a little like Max Show that we have been using for a while in our class.  Some people also use Power Point to show information in slides after they have done some research.  Here is a Haiku Deck that someone made and shared about how to be a good kid!

We like Haiku Deck because it is quick and easy to make slides. Here is a Snapguide for how to use it.

When you enter the text, the program automatically searches Creative Commons for free images that go with your word.  You can't add music or voice and are limited to 2 lines of text so the words you choose have to explain your topic very well.

Haiku Deck is also available online here.  The thing we like about the IPad version is that the projects are saved automatically.  No more forgetting to save your work!

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