Sunday, 2 March 2014

Literacy Center Ticket #3


We are continuing to practice our Reading and Writing every day in Literacy Stations.  The ticket in the photo above lets us keep track of the center we have finished and where we are working next.  Most days, we are able to do 3 Literacy Stations during our ELA time. 

On the laptops, we use Max Write or Max Show to write about a topic that interests us. We save the writing on memory sticks and can continue it next time we visit that station or start a new one.
We use a website called Wordle to type a list of words on any topic we choose. Then we click Randomize to have the program pick a font and style for the words. If you type the same word more than once, Wordle knows to make its size bigger. We can work on spelling and keyboarding skills at this station.
Grade 2 and 3's need to learn to write full sentences.  Our student teacher, Miss Caldwell, works with us at one of two Sentence Building Games.   

Ms. Simms went to a technology night in Brandon where she found out  about the Trailer feature on IMovie.  It is neat because the main work is done to create a movie.  We will take photos and videos with the IPad and then make them into a movie.  Stay tuned to our blog for the finished products!

We have Fill in Posters called All About Me and When I Grow Up. Our class was having some trouble with journals because many of us can't seem to find a topic to write about. Ms Simms hopes these posters will help with that problem.
Reading to Yourself and Buddy Reading are stations on this ticket too. They are both important.  Many of us are ready to move onto reading chapter books now and choosing a book that interests us at our reading level is crucial.  Ms. Simms is working with students one at a time on this while everyone is busy at centers.
We hope you liked hearing about our Literacy Centers!  Which do you think you would like the best?  Tell us in the comments!

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