Friday, 14 March 2014

Those Green Things!

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, our teacher was looking for an idea for an Art Project.  She had some left over shaving cream so she searched one of her favourite idea spots - Pinterest!  Here is what we did. 

Ms Simms read the book Those Green Things by Kathy Stinson to us.
Then we mixed equal parts of glue and shaving cream.  The directions for the project warned us not to mix too much or the puffiness would go out of the shaving cream and it would just be glue!
Green food colouring was added to the mixture.  Each student was able to select between green, yellow and blue colouring and made their own unique shade of green.
Then came the creative part.  Students had to think of something green and then make the shape of it on their paper.  Shamrocks were a popular choice!
Some kids used their fingers, some used paintbrushes, and others used the stir sticks. Most kids used a combination to make their shapes.
The final step in out project was using a black sharpie marker to trace around the shapes to add some definition to them.
The Art is hanging outside our classroom now and it is getting quite a following.  Everyone, including us,  loves to touch the texture of the paint.  Stop by and see it for yourself!


  1. What a great idea! Where was Pinterest when I went to school.

  2. Very cool! ~ Chelsey Underwood (Gabe's Mom)

  3. That looks like so much fun! Good work everyone! I love Pinterest for ideas!!

  4. This is such a neat idea, Ms. Simms! Looks like you all did a great job :)

  5. The pictures are fabulous!

  6. I know there are MANY fun and interesting things going on in the grade 2/3 room! Since I just live down the hall, I get to see some of your exciting work....BUT this blog is so much better than that! I loved reading all about what is happening in your classroom! Thank you for sharing!
    Mrs. Greig