Monday, 15 September 2014

Dot Day and Augmented Reality!

On September 15, we took part in an international celebration of Dot Day!  We started on last Friday with colouring the dots in our own creative way with markers and Ms. Simms gave us a few hints about something that was going to amaze us on Monday.  We tried to guess what it might be:
  • the room might be all covered with dots
  • with Ipads maybe we can take a picture of the dots
  • maybe we will watch a movie about dots
  • maybe it will be stop motion animation with dots
  • maybe ????

Then she read us the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  You can see it on the YouTube Video below.

What came next was truly amazing!  We used our IPads and an app called Colar to make the dots we drew come alive!  It is a form of Augmented Reality and the video below shows what it looked like.

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