Thursday, 15 January 2015

Eric Carle

We began the new year with an Author and Illustrator Study about Eric Carle.  You can link to his website here. Our classroom and school libraries had many of his books but we learned that there are many more.  The picture above shows the one he is likely most famous for, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

 Each book was read aloud and the pictures were studied as well.  They were popular books for individual and buddy reading time too.
 Brown Bear, Brown Bear is another well known book of his and we used that as inspiration for our Art project that is now on display in the hallway. We painted the pieces of the bear and then used various tools to create texture while the paint was still wet.  Then the pieces were cut out and assembled and more details were added.

We modelled the book The Very Busy Spider and used it as an opportunity to work on using quotation marks in writing around what is being said.  We also used glue to make 3D spider webs on  the last page of the book,

We have so many more ideas for Art projects like painting on tissue paper to create collage paper and making a tissue paper sun like we saw in so many of his books.

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