Friday, 30 January 2015

Reading Goals for February

February is I Love to Read Month at Reston School and we have many fun and exciting things in store to encourage reading and books this month.  You can look at the calendar of events here and read a letter from our librarian, Mrs. MacKenzie here

Everyone in our class has set a goal for themselves for the total number of minutes they have pledged to read this month.  They have been given a calendar like this one to keep track of their reading this month. If they exceed the goal, that would be great!  Everyone who meets the goal they set will be eligible for a special certificate from the Premier of the Province of Manitoba.

We have discussed that some nights they might be too busy to read so it would be okay to read more another night to make up for it.  This reading time can include reading aloud to an adult, an adult reading to them, or silent reading on their own. 

Parents, please let me know if you would like reading material sent home from the school.  Library day is every Friday and they are encouraged to choose books that they will use to work toward their goal.  Some kids even thought they would get a jump start by reading tonight and tomorrow - even though it's still January! 

My goal is to encourage regular reading at home and if parents have any questions, please contact me!  Happy I Love To Read Month!

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